Elements Ventures Group

As an early-stage investment development enterprise, we are as driven as our clients to succeed, with full transparency and time-honoured efficiency, matching top talent and creativity with global experience.
Although our team has amassed extensive knowledge and achievement, we seek those who have new ideas and solutions to the world’s challenges and help them harness their power.
As a result, our foundational track record has transitioned many dynamic self-starters into the Nasdaq and the NYSE, with valuations in the hundreds of millions, and the billions in some cases.
We understand the concept of full steam ahead and no holes barred; our funding vehicles believe this approach yields the best outcome because it allows for thinking and action beyond normal boundaries.


Establish long term partnerships with ongoing returns aligned with all parties by collaborating and cooperating in the most brazen and honest manner.


The most important lessons learned are those that have come not from success, but from failure. Experience has taught us honesty, frankness, empathy and fairness. We work to sustain these values to ensure fair and balanced agreements, that are ethically sourced with firms that pay fair wages and support ideals that include universal healthcare and promote the rights and security of every citizen.