Our team consists of seasoned executives In a wide variety of disciplines including the CEO and founder of a successful chain of clinics across Canada, as well as subject matter experts in the area of raising money in capital markets worldwide over several decades with a focus on:

A System for universal healthcare that incorporates Blockchain to facilitate employers’ contributions and provide patients with full, secure access to doctors and treatment.

Ethically sourced products and raw materials from companies that pay fair wages based on the local economy.

Developing African nations to leverage Blockchain as a means to bypass traditional, corrupt trading practices/contracts, to ensure equitable, fair and balanced transactions.

A graphite mining company in Madagascar, mining deals worldwide and securing mining rights in both Africa and South America.

Although our expertise spans several arenas and fields of expertise, we are conscious and committed to enabling ventures that are not only highly successful, but also seek to address the most important issues that we all face on this planet today.

Our Team

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