Ethical, sustainable joint venturing with materials mining to support the growing demand that technology has created.
The mining industry has become more productive, offering better safety and thereby lowering overall costs by incorporating technology that provides more efficient ore recovery, better communication below ground, and quicker response to emergency situations. Automation, like autonomous vehicles, drones, smart sensors and systems for drilling and tunnel boring have significantly changed the face of how resources are obtained. Since advances in technology have required more focus on specific types of resources, this has also facilitated a more balanced approach to conservation of the environment.


Furthering the benefits of solutions including AI, Blockchain, Secure Messaging and NFTs into everyday applications.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged significantly across multiple industries, as well as in everyday life. The ability of a computer to replace a human to complete tasks that require intelligence and judgement has evolved to a level that includes problem solving and decision making. It potentially operates 24/7/365 without interruption or downtime, which can augment the efficiency of any enterprise, as well as simplify our day to day chores and commitments.
Blockchain technology supports a wide variety of applications, including cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, as well as trading and voting. A blockchain is essentially a database that has been distributed between nodes in a computer network on a very large scale. It is designed to make data more secure, transparent and traceable, without the need for an arbitrary authority, which can yield greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Secure, or encrypted messaging encodes data so that only the intended receiver of a message can view it and prevents monitoring of text chats. This technology has become increasingly important due to the open and proliferous extent of all forms of communications and the growing demand to secure privacy.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are units of data like digital files that contain a photo or a video that is stored on a blockchain. Each of these tokens has a unique identifier to certify authenticity and ownership. By converting a physical item into a digital format and eliminating the middle man, NFTs can simplify and speed up purchasing and supply chain methods, as well as enhance the security of its ownership.


Subti Promoting a better standard of living worldwide by leveraging emerging, breakthrough medical devices and medicines.
The face of Healthcare worldwide has changed dramatically in recent years, mainly due to the introduction of various technologies and applications that assist at every level of research, diagnosis and delivery. From electronic health and medical records that can be shared between institutions to online consultation with providers, as well as ground-breaking and lightspeed solutions in R&D, like the vaccines for Covid-19, the world of healthcare has leveraged AI to provide clinically useful systems that involve the patient and are sensitive to change, culture, and burden cost.tle


Full range of naturally sourced resources to compliment conservation efforts and support the long-term well being of our populations.
Renewables include sources like solar, wind, and geothermal, that can be replenished over time. Technologies today inform and contribute in many areas, including leveraging AI for the management of complex smart storage systems, improving methods for carbon retrieval and storage, and developing hydrogen for a more nature-based solution.


Integrating natural and engineering sciences of living entities into supportable products and services.

Technology has been incorporated into all areas of biology, which studies all living organisms, to advance the protection of our environment, improve overall health and increase sustainable production. From evolution to genetics to behavioural impacts, biotechnology has influenced the food chain, medical breakthroughs, disease prevention and the reduction of waste, to name a few. It now affects every part of our lives (e.g., food, shelter, clothing, health, transportation, etc.) and is a major driving force in how we will exist going forward.